This past week I gave our kitchen a good scrubbing and cleaned out all of the cabinets. Suddenly I saw potential in decorating the kitchen a bit. I brought down my my yellow stand mixer that was collecting dust above the fridge and displayed it in the corner, converted some old picture frames to mini chalkboards and transformed them into wall art, and strung some colorful bunting along the ceiling. Instantly our kitchen felt so much more cheerful. No, my kitchen cabinets will never suddenly break down and become an open kitchen with a large island and white painted cabinets with glass uppers, but I decided it was time to make the best of what we do have. I still need to invest in some cute linens, but it is amazing what a little face lift can do!

Here are some of my favorite kitchen items right now:

Kitchen Wishlist



When I was recently browsing Barnes & Noble, I came across this cute cookbook “The Year of Cozy” by Adrianna Adarme. Author and blogger of A Cozy Kitchen, Adrianna Adarme shares a beautiful display of crafts and food. It has a homespun feel that encourages its readers to take time to enjoy a more simplistic lifestyle- from grain-free doggie doughnuts to homemade candles and activities to do with each season. I would love to add this to my book collection!

The Year of Cozy 1

The Year of Cozy

The Year of Cozy 2

The Year of Cozy 3



A lot has happened over the past year, but the biggest news is that my husband and I are expecting our first child, a  baby boy, come December 24th. I am at that stage of the pregnancy where I am supposed to stay close to home in case he decides to make an early appearance. So instead of missing out on family time for the Thanksgiving holiday completely, my husband and I decided to bring Thanksgiving to our house this year. I always love hosting parties and holidays. It may be tiny, but there is something refreshing about opening your home up to friends and family, cooking and catching up, all in the comfort of your own home.


At a recent ladies meeting, the topic was “how to be a good host”. The one thing that really struck my heart was when it was mentioned that the focus should be on the people instead of trying to impress them with your home or food – “invest not impress”. This is something I struggle with. When we have company over, I always want the house perfect, the food perfect, the ambiance perfect and everything has to be planned well in advance. A lot of the time I spend more time focused on that instead of simply enjoying the company we have in our presence. I do think it is important to make your guests feel comfortable and if you enjoy decorating for the holidays, then there is nothing wrong with that. I really enjoy doing centerpieces for the table where we will all be gathering to share a meal. Why spend so much time cooking a great meal if you aren’t going to spend a few minutes making the dining table organized and beautiful? Whether you go all out with the fine china, napkins and silverware, or do a simple centerpiece, spending some time on the table design is an easy way to set the mood for the event.


I worked on this Thanksgiving holiday tablescape a couple of weeks back while I still had a fresh pumpkin floral arrangement. I have since modified everything to something much more simple for today’s meal, but here are some ideas for creating a cozy and festive holiday table.

Thanksgiving Table 1

Thanksgiving Table 2

Thanksgiving Table 4

Thanksgiving Table 5

Thanksgiving Table 6


Check out Elizabeth Avenue Designs tutorial for a pumpkin flower arrangement. This is the tutorial I followed to make my Thanksgiving centerpiece.


I took an online quiz a while back to determine my “design style” and I got “rustic romantic”. At first I was a little jealous of those “true eclectics”, but now that I think about it, rustic romantic is a pretty good fit. Owning all of Rachel Ashwell’s design books should have been a dead giveaway, as well as the shabby chic windows, mini chandelier and white deer head. I found out today that I get to help make a “rustic romantic” model home in Austin come to life. Oooohhh the possibilities! My Inspiration…










Ever since my wedding a couple of years back, I have been interested in flowers. Before that time, I had never really given flowers a thought. I didn’t have a favorite flower and I didn’t understand the impact they can make to a space. My favorite flowers are white and green hydrangeas, pink peonies, snap dragons, succulents, sweet peas and billy buttons. Even my favorite book today is about a girl who fell in love with flowers and their meanings. Whether you put them in your house to freshen up the space or use them for a centerpiece for a party, the options for creating floral arrangements are endless. This book, Flower Arranging: The Complete Guide For Beginners by Judith Blacklock, is a great start for anyone interested in flower arranging. Believe me, it is harder than it looks and she breaks it down based on the elements and principles of design. My favorite part is how she talks about the importance of texture in floral arrangements and all the ways to mix color.