I know it is probably way too early to be thinking about holiday gift wrapping, but I can’t help myself. I was on Pinterest and saw someone had pinned a photo of beautiful gift wrapping and I was instantly inspired. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the gift wrapping. The guys in my family often recruit me during the holidays to wrap their presents for them. Perhaps this year, time permitting, I will wrap my gifts with a little extra care. I love the idea of using Kraft paper to cover the gifts and then adding pine cones or berries to accent the piece, all tied up in a large satin bow. http://olderandwisor.blogspot.com/ This blog has several entries about gift wrapping ideas for not only Christmas, but Birthdays and other events. Check it out to get inspired. Here are some of my favorite ideas…

Stamped name tag

Adding a piece of holiday candy not only gives the person something to nibble on later, but it adds color and pattern.

DIY color swatches as name tags- A great way to add color

Kraft Paper and Gingham

Cut out pages of a book to add character.

Lace name tag

Make flowers out of book pages

I love the tone on tone color and the satin bow mixed with Christmas foilage.







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