I took an online quiz a while back to determine my “design style” and I got “rustic romantic”. At first I was a little jealous of those “true eclectics”, but now that I think about it, rustic romantic is a pretty good fit. Owning all of Rachel Ashwell’s design books should have been a dead giveaway, as well as the shabby chic windows, mini chandelier and white deer head. I found out today that I get to help make a “rustic romantic” model home in Austin come to life. Oooohhh the possibilities! My Inspiration…










Ever since my wedding a couple of years back, I have been interested in flowers. Before that time, I had never really given flowers a thought. I didn’t have a favorite flower and I didn’t understand the impact they can make to a space. My favorite flowers are white and green hydrangeas, pink peonies, snap dragons, succulents, sweet peas and billy buttons. Even my favorite book today is about a girl who fell in love with flowers and their meanings. Whether you put them in your house to freshen up the space or use them for a centerpiece for a party, the options for creating floral arrangements are endless. This book, Flower Arranging: The Complete Guide For Beginners by Judith Blacklock, is a great start for anyone interested in flower arranging. Believe me, it is harder than it looks and she breaks it down based on the elements and principles of design. My favorite part is how she talks about the importance of texture in floral arrangements and all the ways to mix color.