Here are some of my favorite rooms I have come across in the past few days. I love bright colors against a neutral white background. I am working on implementing this concept in the living room. Since we can’t paint the walls, it means we have to be creative with our decor. Finding a good balance of neutrals with bright pops of yellow, turquoise, orange and pink is the way to go!












I have been at a loss as to what to put in our small little entry area. I have tried my antique desk in front of the angled window but it soaked up too much of the sunlight that filters through. I tried Michael’s blue gray bedside table in that space, but that didn’t seem to fit the space either. Finally, I broke down and went to Homestead Hand Crafts to look for a small little side table, and this is what I found! I love that it is cream and has open shelves to hold books and random objects. It fits the space perfectly!

side table 1

side table 2

side table 3


The master bedroom might be my favorite room in our house. When you walk in, it has a soft and serene effect. My goal with this room was to make it feminine farmhouse style mixed with a few shabby chic touches. In our last apartment, the pew bench had to be outside on our porch since we didn’t have room. So I was so excited to find a place for it in our new house. I will give Michael credit for this; he was the first to suggest it at the end of our bed. I haven’t adorned the walls too much in this room. I am trying to embrace the “less is more” concept in this new house. I also love having the little chandelier in the corner to dress up the space. It gives it a romantic touch to the room.






step 3

What you will need:

Burlap bunting (I got mine here @ Hobby Lobby-they come in a group of 4-$3.49 regular price)

A sharpie or pen to trace the heart

Cardstock for heart template

Red, white or pink acrylic paint

Small paint brush

Hot glue

Twine & satin ribbon to finish


1. Cut out a heart shape to fit inside the burlap flag

2. Trace the heart with a sharpie or pen (make sure you leave space at the top of the burlap to fold over and hold twine)

3. Paint the heart (make sure you place a piece of paper beneath or it will come through the fabric)

4. Place twine 1/2″ from top, fold over the burlap so twine is covered and add hot glue along the edge to hold in place

5. Tie up the ends using bright colored Valentine’s ribbon


step 1

Cut out heart template

step 2

Trace heart onto burlap

step 3

Paint in heart shape with acrylic paint


Fold burlap over twine and secure with hot glue

bunting 2


bunting 3