You know when you find something new you love and the words “where have you been all my life” pop into your head? A friend suggested and these were the exact words that went through my mind. Pinterest allows you to organize and share beautiful things you find on the web. The categories include: gifts, food + drink, travel, art + architecture, design, photography, apparel, home + furniture, prints, products, kids, film + music + books, DIY, science + nature, tech, wedding + events, people, and fashion. Basically it has anything and everything you might want; it is great for bloggers seeking inspiration! Here are some of my favorite pins so far…

This is a very cute idea. I am horrible at carving pumkins so maybe one like this that doesn’t require much carving would be perfect!

I think this is a really cool and easy DIY project.


I love the ceiling in this place!


Wow! I am all about this kitchen and the sunlight!

I like this combination of black wood floors and the turquoise and white.

I love scarves! Sigh…it makes me wish I were living someplace other than Texas. I’ll have to wait until late October if I want to wear a scarf.


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