Turquoise is by far my favorite color. It seems to go well with so many colors (pink, orange, yellow, red, blue) and there are so many different shades of it!



This bright turquoise table is simple, cute, and rustic. It would work very well as an end table.


It is such a creative idea to make a mirror with shutters, but what’s even better is an old rusty turquoise one! I think this is a cute idea whether it be a mirror or simply a window. 


This room is covered in a soft shade of turquoise. It is classic with its wing chairs and black and white accents. However, it is softened with the use of feminine white tables/chairs and soft pink flowers. Not only do I love the structure of this room with its slanted ceiling, but I like the idea of hanging black and white photos across a wall from top to bottom. 


These flower pots would be a great find for any turquoise lover. I can just imagine filling them with brown eyed susans, tigerlillies, and orange roses.


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