It has been a while (over 6 months!) since I last posted and so much has happened during the gap. I survived commercial design, loved the class and am starting to consider looking for a job with a firm that does both residential and commercial design. I also just finished my internship up yesterday and had a great summer working alongside an interior designer for two months. I went on site visits, worked closely with clients, drew up floorplans, space planned, accessorized and picked out paint samples and fabric samples for all types of residential projects. I also am engaged so I have been busy planning my wedding and gathering ideas for things I want to use in my future home. I am excited to get back into blogging! Here are some interiors I like from the House of Turquoise blog. Check out her blog for more turquoise inspiration.



I love the aqua tile  backsplash and the open shelf that splits this living and dining room.


I like this mixture of aqua, pastel yellow and white. I am usually not an animal print type of girl, but mixed with the soft floral pattern of the chairs makes it cute and fun without being overbearing.





2 Responses to Welcome back

  1. maybe1711 says:

    Hi, I love your blog. I followed you here from an image someone linked to pinterest. It is the photo of the floral bedding. I was wondering if you might know where it is from?? I have searched for weeks trying to find something even remotely similar with no luck. I love this bedding!! Please… do tell… who makes it??

  2. Alicia Brown says:

    Hey! I got the image from the House of Turquoise blog ( Her blog entry says the bedding is from BHS ( However, when I looked on the Bhs website, I could not find it. I don’t think they sell it anymore.


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